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Helsingin Juutalainen Yhteskoulu is a private school maintained by the Jewish congregation of Helsinki.

Art Class
Image by Eran Menashri

Find community in the middle of the city!

The Jewish Community School of Helsinki operates in Kamppi, right in the heart of Helsinki. The school follows the basic education curriculum of the Board of Education. The educational institution of about one hundred students is a unified school, where students study from the first grade to the ninth grade. The teaching is class-based: familiar classes and classmates, teachers and other staff create a safe and positive atmosphere!

A Finnish school with a strong language emphasis

The school's language of instruction is Finnish. HJYK invests in a strong language program and due to the international distribution of students, the school has directed resources to Finnish as a second language (S2) language teaching. Hebrew and English are studied from the first grade. Small class sizes ensure that the individual needs of the children are taken into account.

Jewish culture!

The school teaches the Hebrew language and Jewish cultural history from the first grade. Theme days and events are a central part of the school's cultural education, and the school celebrates both large and smaller events of Jewish national significance.


The school offers students opportunities to participate in international projects within the framework of youth activities.

Colorful Notebooks

Afterschool activity

First and second grade students are offered paid afternoon activities after school days. Students are offered the opportunity to do homework and they go outside every day. The afternoon activity includes a separate snack.

School food is good!

The school has a kosher kitchen in accordance with Jewish culture. Versatile meals are prepared from scratch in our own kitchen.

We learn outside of school too

Local sports facilities, libraries, museums and other learning environments are in active use. The studies include several field days, and the school organizes, for example, nature trips to nature sites in the capital region.


Applying to HJYK

A child can start at HJYK regardless of their grade level and even in the middle of the school year. The school is free for students: to be accepted as a student, it is required that at least one of the parents is a member of the Helsinki Jewish congregation. Contact the school principal Ilpo Kuusela by phone 09 586 0310 (center) or by email: .

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